There is a separate lists for each country or group of countries. Generally, definitive stamps up to 1945 are priced individually and commemoratives in complete sets, unmounted mint (never hinged), mint or fine used. Issues from 1945 are in complete sets, including definitives, although wants lists are welcome for single stamps up to 1960.

Albania Austria 1850-1937 Austria 1945 to date
Baltic States 1991 to date Bosnia 1879-1918 Bulgaria
Croatia 1941-1945 Czechoslovakia 1918-1945 Czechoslovakia 1945-92
Czech Republic & Slovakia Danzig Denmark
East Germany Faeroe Islands Finland
Former USSR from 1992 Former Yugoslavia from 1991 Greenland
Iceland Hungary 1871-1945 Hungary 1946 to date
Norway Poland 1860-1945 Poland 1945 to date
Romania Russia 1857-1923 Soviet Union
Sweden Yugoslavia 1918-1941 Yugoslavia 1944 to date

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